Industrial Automation


As automation is a primary field of expertise, Automatica invests in its knowledge base, to gain significant advantage
in the market. We are always using cutting edge technologies in motion, robotics and vision systems to drive our
machines faster, more accurate, robust and reliable.

Motion systems:

We use modern servo system and motion technologies for complex solutions in handling and assembly systems. Our electrical line of
assembly machines are capable of performing pick and place tasks at a rate of up to 70 parts per minute per channel. Our knowledge
base covers also multi-axes synchronized motion, used in complex dispensing tasks, winding applications and web handling.

Vision system:

As a NeuroCheck ( distributor, we support and train local users of this powerful software package.
We implement vision system in almost every project that we perform. Image processing is used to complete the quality
control of the automation process as well as parts orientation detection and robot guidance. We perform tasks from the
simple presence control, to highly precise gauging to the level of several microns.


Robots are widely used at many of our applications. We use robots for material handling, assembly, dispensing and welding.
We represent Epson in Israel (, and provide marketing,
technical support and training, as well as turn-key applications for robotic cells.

Mechanical Engineering:

Our experience over the years covers a wide range of technologies, among them:

  • Rotary indexing assembly machines
  • Special grippers and handling elements
  • Fast servo driven pick and place manipulators
  • Web handling components: Coilers and De-coilers, accumulators, lamination and winding machines.
  • Dispensing, dosing and filling applications
  • Robotic arc welding
  • Dies and presses – hydraulic and electrical.
  • Hot plate welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Flow and leak testing modules.
  • Various conveying systems: pallet conveyors, stepping conveyors, belt and slat conveyors.
  • Adhesives applicators
  • In line curing ovens
  • Optical systems

Electrical Engineering:

We dedicate our efforts to state of the art design in our power and control cabinets and cabling systems. We produce in-house our
cabinets and harnesses according to European and North-American standards.
Our safety systems design is based, as a standard, according to the relevant risk assessment processes.


Programming capabilities are a major advantage of Automatica. Our in-house recourses in that field
include wide experience in:

  • PLC programming
  • HMI’s and SCADA systems
  • Communication
  • Servo drives and motion controllers
  • Robots
  • Data bases
  • Image processing applications
  • Data acquisition and testing systems

We design complex topologies, combining multiple devices, sensors, CPU’s and communication networks to a
robust and user-friendly system. Our systems are easily integrated in the industrial environment,
characterized by high level of flexibility.