Key Markets

Automatica serves customers from a wide range of industries. Close contact with our customers along the years,
gave us the opportunity for a deep study and expertise in various fields of industry.

Automotive Industry

We provide automation machines and production lines in various automotive components:

  • Fuel venting systems
  • Special fasteners for automotive applications
  • Transmission boxes assembly
  • Head-sets for car seats
  • Break systems check valves
  • Sprinklers and water systems assembly lines.

Medical and healthcare

Automatica gained wide experience in medical and healthcare industry, fulfilling the special quality procedure for machinery qualification and clean room requirements up to class 10.
We successfully conducted a significant number of projects, among them:

  • Tubing components assembly lines
  • Syringe filling machines
  • Lubrication and filter assembly
  • Packaging
  • Plastic forming
  • Needle assembly
  • Valves assembly.
  • Automatic line for DNA testing cassettes
  • Automatic line for PC pipettes
  • CT detectors assembly line.

Solar Industry

Automatica took a major part in some of the most innovative important projects of solar energy. We provided a number of significant solutions in that field:

  • Robotic welding lines
  • Mirror bonding machines
  • Robotic washing machines for the solar field
  • Automatic loading units for wafers in the PV industry.

Water and irrigation

We provided many lines and machines for:

  • Automatic dripper assembly machines
  • Extrusion and jabbing lines for drip-lines
  • Electro-fusion adaptors production lines and winding machines

Electric and Electronics

  • Single Multi-cell battery assembly machines
  • Battery filling machines
  • Capacitor marking machines.
  • Production of electrical cabinet filters.


  • Assembly machine for hay bale wraps